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Historic Thornhill 243

Community Thornhill
Year Constructed:  1829
From the Historic Plaque. (Note some of the buildings have been destroyed since the erection of the Plaque 1983.)

The thriving hamlet scrambled north from the valley - plank cabins in the forest clearings, frame loyalist buildings, snake fences and a few brick houses of prosperity. Thorne's Hill overlooked the great mills - the source of village trade, Thorne's wealth, and the site of his untimely death in 1845.

These properties on Yonge Street survive from the 'original' village:
No. 8000 - Mortimer House built in 1834 for the first Pastor of Holy Trinity Church.
No. 8038 - Soules Inn, hosting travellers since 1830, later a Temperance Inn and a stagecoach depot.
Nos. 8046, 8054, 8064 - Old houses from the picturesque village; one refreshed rebels of 1837, another was a rectory for 100 years.
No. 8201 - Langstaff School, the fourth on this site dedicated to education since 1811.

Other 'survivors' from this historic time are Cricklewood, Sunnyside Manor, Holy Trinity Church and the Methodist Church on Centre Street.