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Historic Peter Street, Mount Joy 64

Community Mount Joy
Year Constructed:  1796
Address: The information for this Tour is produced and copywrited by the Historic Peter Street Neighborhood Bicentennial Committee
Mount Joy, Markham was originally a German speaking Mennonite community. It had its own post office and postal stamp. The area north of the tracks was named “Mount Joy” after Peter Ramer’s hometown in Pennsylvania, which originally took its name from the British Naval ship “Mount Joy” launched in 1689. Many Pennsylvania Dutch descendents chose to settle here upon their retirement from their farms.

Peter Street including David, Beech and the west side of Main St. were first surveyed by the British Crown as Lot 14, Concession 7. In 1796, Samuel Mercer, a United Empire Loyalist from Pennsylvania petitioned the Crown for a grant of land. Upon finishing his settlement duties he immediately sold it to Jonas Byer in 1811. Jonas Byer was a Pennsylvania Dutch (German) Tunker who fled persecution for his pacifist beliefs and sworn allegiance to the British Crown. In 1837, he sold it to his son-in-law, Peter Ramer. The Ramers were Pennsylvania Dutch (German) Mennonites who emigrated to Markham in the early 1800’s. In 1879, Peter (1801-1889) sold the land to his son, Jonas Ramer for a dollar. Jonas built the homestead on Springdale Street in 1858. In 1885, Jonas subdivided Lot 14 into “suburban lots” on the west side of Main St. and in 1891; with Plan 1105, he named Peter Street after his father. In 1950, the area north of David Street was given by the Wideman family, as first preference, to the veterans of the Second World War. Many of the north Peter Street residents were raised in the century homes at the south end of Historic Peter Street.  

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